A Prayer for the Prodigal Daughter

From Matthew 13: 13-23


Thank You Father for Gracie and her mother’s heart crying out.  We surround her right now with prayers and encouragement.


Help Gracie’s daughter be a loving, submissive, humble follower of You.  Help her to see You, hear You, know You, and understand You.


Touch the callous places of her heart and cover them with Your grace.  Touch the deafened pieces of her ears and open them to hear Your truth.  Touch the closed parts of her vision and open them so she can see Your love and care.


Open her up, God, to receive Your healing fully in her body – her mind, her moods, her heart, her emotions, and her memories.


We stand in agreement and put a blockade around her, so the enemy will stop stealing Your truth from her.  Let the truth be firmly planted within her so her joy is full and everlasting – and not directed by the whims of circumstance.  Break the chains of the world from around her.  We command them to stop strangling her with lies, giving her a false reality, and guiding her with the deceit of temporary pleasure.  Let her care be for You and Your glory.


We believe her to be a woman of faith, strong in spirit and firm in confidence.  We call her out for who You created her to be – a productive, fruitful, and generous follower of Yours.  A woman who radiates Your light and demonstrates Your love.  A woman with an unstoppable passion for You.


Thank You loving Father for already working in her heart to fill the empty spaces with You.  Thank You for placing people in her life to love her into wholeness.  Thank You for surrounding her with Your love – and helping her to feel it and know it.

A Prayer for the Prodigal Daughter

We thank You that her wayward ways will cause her unhappiness.  We thank that You her selfish ways will make her discontent.  We thank You that worldly things will hold no appeal for her.  Use these things – unhappiness, discontentment, and disinterest – to point her to Your love and reveal Yourself to her in tangible and heart-changing ways.  We thank You for helping her to know that You are chasing her, pursuing her with great passion and purpose.


And we also pray for Gracie, whose mother’s heart is care-full.  Give her the strength to be silent, the fortitude to keep praying, and the encouragement to renew her hope daily.


In Jesus’ might name we stand and agree.



Marie Fremin, 5/12/16



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