Great Vacation

God blesses.


And it could so easily be missed.

Because we choose not to look up from our bubble of self.


But thank God I did not miss the blessing of one perfect week.


Because I lost a job that ate up all my time and energy and kept me chained to a desk.  And because I was free, I finally had the time needed to take a long overdue vacation.


And that vacation was great, even though there were no big adventures or tourist attractions.


Because that week, all of our family was in town.  So we got to visit throughout the week with everyone who lives there.


Because that week, there was no predicted – or actual – rain.  Which is unusual for where we were.  Not one day of rain to ruin plans or worry grandmothers.


Because that week, there was no congested traffic or major accidents on our side of the interstates.  A slow down or two, but no shut down or outright stop.  So we could cruise right through our 500 miles in good time.


Because that week, there were no medical emergencies or issues.  So we were able to visit at home and just relax, casually doing nothing more than enjoying each other’s company.


Because that week, I got to hug a person who has been a special part of my life and talk to her face-to-face.  A former mentor who has been encouraging through my last twenty years.  Someone who made me laugh and feel better about myself while looking at each other face-to-face.


Because that week, I disconnected from the internet.  Our “hotel” has never been connected, so I could only check email from my phone.  And I intentionally did not do any job hunting or respond to any emails, choosing to be in the moment instead of at the coffee house using their free internet.  Because responses keep – relationships don’t.


And when I look at it, all I can say is wow!  It all lines up into one big ongoing blessing.  And I smile as I realize that yes, “[He] is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).  Because I would have never dreamed that everything would have lined up to be as much as it did.  I expected great food (and definitely got a lot of it).  But I got so much more.  Including getting to kiss my almost 95 year old grandmother every night before she went to bed.  Precious memories that cannot be taken away.  Thank You God for being so generous and good to this girl!

granny 05-2018


Marie Fremin.  5/5/18 and 6/6/18

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