Psalm 23:2

Psalm 23:2 – You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from (MSG)


We think the grass is greener

In someone else’s space

Their life looks appealing

It stirs up jealous feelings

And we wonder where is our grace.


Why isn’t God blessing me?

Why doesn’t God care?

Doesn’t God see?

Doesn’t God love me?

Why isn’t God being fair?


I am a good person

I do good when I can

There is no reason

To have this hard season

And feel like I am under a ban.


I deserve for God to bless me

I deserve for God to give

So I tell myself

To sell myself

On what I think I need to live.


But soon I stop talking

Allowing space for quiet

And as I open my ears

God begins to settle my fears

By speaking peace into my riot.


And I listen as He speaks

Love and grace with every word

Reminding me He cares

Reminding me He shares

Reminding me I am heard


And goodness pours from His lips

Mercy pours from his hands

As His love shines bright

And He hugs me tight

Bringing me as close as He can


And He tells me I am loved

He tells me I am seen

He tells me I am known

He tells me I am grown

By the things through which I’ve been


And the grass where He has planted me

Is the grass made special for me

He grew it with love

As He guided me from above

To this pasture where I am supposed to be


Because this is His best

No ifs, ands, or buts

It is a reward for my experiences

With no limits or fences

Or brown patches or ruts


It is only good grass, the best He can give

No artificial turf for His beloved

No poisonous weeds

No dangerous seeds

Only good grass will we be fed


When we choose to stop and look

At the One who cares the most

And when we stop trying

And when we stop lying

And just release everything to the Utmost


He beckons us to stop

He beckons us to rest

He beckons us to let it go

He beckons us to say no

And to relax into His best


So today let us let go

Of our problems, our pressures, our pain

Let’s grab hold of God’s hand

And refresh in His green land

So peace and joy we will gain


Stop looking at what you think everyone else has

And choose to know His love is real

Be glad in your blessings

Instead of always stressing

And contentment is what you will feel


Because your green grass will be more than enough

To make you smile and enjoy your day

Knowing God has provided

And God has guided

You into His perfect plan and way


So stop and enjoy your pasture

Hear the healing brook run next to you

Take a deep breath

Lay yourself back and rest

And just enjoy this special place He created for you.


Marie Fremin.  3/11/19

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