Happy 2018!


My prayer for you in 2018 is that it is a year of NEW.


May you find God in those areas where you feel lost, alone, desperate, hopeless, anxious, or fearful so He can fill those places with His love and do a NEW work.


May you see your life and your circumstances with NEW eyes so you realize that God is always at work on your behalf and can see the truth that “God meant it for good”.


May you open your heart to God’s possibilities so that your faith grows with NEW revelations every day so no mountain is unconquerable.

May you take a NEW step each day in the direction of God’s purpose, being bold and fearless in walking toward His good will for your life.

May you find a NEW facet of His gift within you, so that your unique and beautiful voice echoes His love to the world around you.

May you find yourself loving people completely in NEW ways, with caring hands, compassionate deeds, and considerate thoughts that demonstrate Him.

May you have a NEW level of repentance, where you turn from your wants and ways to give your heart completely to God and His will.

May you find NEW meaning in the truth that every second of every day God says “You are Mine” and “I will be with you”.

May you find NEW strength every day in His unending love, His unsearchable grace, and His unfailing forgiveness.


0101 - new thing

Marie Fremin.  11/23/17

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