Prayer for the Crossroads

Loving Father,

Thank You for friends who will pray you through. Thank You for the compassion You lavish and the grace You shower on us through these friends. Thank You for bringing us together, so we may encourage and support and sustain each other.


I pray for each lady here, Father. I pray that whatever crossroads she stands at, whatever decision she needs to make, whatever pressure is weighing her down – whatever is keeping her from Your best, I pray right now for supernatural strength to stand firm. I pray right now for divine wisdom to guide. I pray right now for an inrush of grace to support and encourage.

Prayer for the Crossroads

I pray that the crossroads becomes a place of great testimony instead of discouragement, stress, confusion, and pain. I pray that the crossroads becomes the next step in her journey with You, a step into peace and health and clarity. I pray that the crossroads becomes a builder of faith and not the catalyst for faltering or failure.


I pray right now especially Father for wisdom. We come boldly. We come assuredly. We come confidently. That you see each of us. Hear each of us. Know each of us. Love each of us. Meet each of us at the place of confusion, indecision, and unsurety. Because with You we will be equipped with every heavenly blessing to continue as we need to and assured of Your hand firmly and lovingly on our lives.


As we stand at the crossroads …

Let not our faith waiver.

Let not our hope diminish.

Let not our confidence evaporate.


Help us to be bold, be brave, and be brazen.

Help us to be focused, be faithful, and be a force for You.

Help us to take action, speak with assurance, and have the right attitude.

Help us to be slow to speak, willing to listen, and quick to obey.


Help us to trust You, completely and with full confidence, to guide us into Your plans and purposes.  Help us to trust You, assuredly and with much hope, to show us the way You want us to go.


Thank You for always having Your loving hand on us.

Thank You for always knowing exactly where we are and exactly what we need.

Thank You for always giving us a reason to believe for a better outcome.


We stand together and believe.

In Jesus’ almighty name.



Marie Fremin, 8/11/17

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