I Know It’s There

But I know it’s there.


This was the cry of the afflicted in my house one day this week, after a trip to the hair salon left a slightly imperfect hair line behind an ear.  Not even visible, as attested by everyone in the salon.  But it didn’t matter.  The result was a two hour fit that started by getting nose-to-nose with the salon mirror, pulling the ear down, staring at the imperfections, and mumbling until it was time to leave.  No assurance could stave off the fit, and the sulk lasted until the offended corrected the problem.


Why such a fit over something invisible to everyone?  Because I know it’s there.  And apparently knowing the hairline is less than perfect, even though invisible, is enough to not let go and reuse to move on.


And aren’t we the same way?  Yep, ouch!


I know it's There


We hold on tightly to our sin, refusing to let it go and accept God’s grace.  Because we think it blocks God’s grace from working for us and in us.


We cuddle our shame and insecurities close, allowing them to define who we are and determine the quality of our relationships.  Because we believe we can never be good enough for (lasting) love.


We give power and place to fear, allowing it to stop our progress and block our blessings.  Because we stop believing God could ever be big enough to help us or loving enough to bring good.


So when God draws near to us and asks us to draw near to Him, we won’t.  Because I know it’s there.


How quickly we forget that God’s grace is designed to overcome any baggage and burden we carry.  Because grace knows exactly where we’ve been and what we’ve chosen.  Grace knows every there in our past and present.  And yet grace still comes to us – knowing we can rewrite our past, rechart our present, and redirect our future.  If we will surrender our there and allow grace to take its place.


So what is stopping you?  What there is in your life, keeping you from God’s best?


Today is the day to stop letting it control you.  Throw it with all you are into the waiting arms of grace.  For He promises a divine exchange, His grace for your mess – “To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness …” (Isaiah 61:3).  And when you (finally) allow God in, just watch Him start to transform your life.


No there we have is too much for God.  It may feel like it – but He can handle it.  And He will walk into and through the mess with you to help guide you out.  Just like He promises in Isaiah 43:2.


So what will you let go of today?  Don’t let your there be there any longer.


Loving Father, thank You for Your grace.  Thank You for allowing grace to overwrite the sin and mistakes in our life.  Help us today to embrace the full power of grace by allowing grace to take the place of anything less than Your best.  Help us open our hearts, minds, and will to the transformation You can and will do in our lives.  In Jesus’ mighty name.  AMEN!


Marie Fremin.  8/11/18

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