Where I Am

I wake up every day and wonder “Am I where I am supposed to be?”

Where I Am

And I think that’s human.  We have a tendency to think there might be something a little better out there we’re missing.  And the possibilities flow through my mind as I ask this question.


But they don’t linger.  Because I believe that God has me right where He needs me to be.  To influence.  To love.  And most importantly to grow.


Oh, the glorious pain of change.  That reminds us we can never be self-sufficient or self-reliant and be joyful.  Because though we are close to heaven, we are far from perfection and completion.  We are ever working toward our glorious eternity with our loving Father.


And each day we change a little more.  Even if only a millimeter.  Even if only a quarter hour.  Even if only one comment, one thought, one reaction, one word, or one smile.


And I have to remind myself that I am exactly where God needs me to be.  No matter how much I may not want to (aka feel like) be there.  No matter how uncomfortable I am.  No matter how much I don’t want to change.


Because God has a bigger purpose than my current emotional state.

God has a better plan than my static comfort.

God has an eternal priority that He continues to work out.


And it starts with me.  Being good with where He has me.  Being faithful each day to say “God, I trust what You are doing”.  And then showing up.  And then paying attention to His voice.  And then being intentional with my choices.  And then being open to thinking, doing, and speaking differently.


And it doesn’t matter that I may want to be somewhere else, where I get my way more frequently and can more readily control things around me.  Because I am where God needs me to be.  And I believe that, with my whole heart.  So I’ll get up each day and know God is working on me so He can work through me.


Marie Fremin.  5/27/17

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