Prayer for your Family

Loving Father,

Thank You for having Your gracious hand on this family.


You purposefully brought these parents together to create the family they have, and You help sustain their love daily.


Thank You for equipping them each day to face the possibilities and chaos that come up.  These parents are more than able to face everything and have already been declared overcomers through Jesus!


Thank You for Your hand on each child’s life.  You purposed each child from creation time and fashioned him/her down to the tiniest cell.  You have created him/her with great purpose and unlimited possibility – none of which will be stopped by human limitations.  He/She is a warrior in You and can overcome ALL challenges that try to detour and discourage her.


You specifically gave each child to these parents, knowing they are the best opportunity for him/her to succeed and thrive.


Help them each day to face the day with courage and confidence – knowing You are in control and will provide the strength and creativity they need to help each child achieve to his/her greatest potential.


He/She is more than able to learn.  They are more than able to teach and guide and love.  I pray You imprint this on every heartbeat and bring it to their remembrance as often as needed.


You have all things under Your loving control.  You already have a great outcome ready to be displayed.


Please help these parents stay calm and sane as You work it all out.  Give them a sense of comfort in every fiber of their beings.  Let their confession be “God’s got us – and I’ve got this!”

Prayer for your Family

In Jesus’ all-mighty name.  AMEN!


Marie Fremin.  2/14/18, 2/18/18

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