Warrior Princess

In every fairy tale, there is a princess waiting for her happily ever after.


But there is also a villain trying to steal it from her.


Warrior Princess


And part of the princess’ story is her struggle to overcome the opposition of the villain.

She comes out better.

She comes out stronger.

She comes out wiser.

She comes out with her happily ever after.


But thinking about it, I have to wonder if her happily ever after would be as “sweet” without having to fight for it?


Sure, she wins the heart of the prince. But on her way to happily ever after with him, she has to face the challenges the villain throws at her. And it is through this opposition that she learns she wants the happily ever after, but she also learns so much about herself.


She learns she can fight.

She learns she can hang tough.

She learns she can persevere.

She learns she can win.


When circumstances get hard.

When enemies try to stop her.

When hope seems impossible.

When the battle seems unwinnable.


She learns she can face whatever stands between her and her happily ever after.


Not stopping. Not doubting. Not fearing.

Moving. Trusting. Believing.


Fighting for what she wants.

On her terms. In her way. By her rules.


And the idea of her should inspire us to be the same way.

She should inspire us to fight for our dreams.

She should inspire us to fight for our desires.

She should inspire us to fight for our destiny.


And yes, she always has help. There is always animal friends, fairies, or enchanted objects helping her fight for her happily ever after.


Neither are we ever alone. We have the BEST help of all – we have the Almighty God with us, in us, and for us. The God who is so much more powerful than any opposition we will face. The God who is so much wiser than any enemy we will encounter. The God who is so much bigger than any problem that tries to stop us.


And God knows all the troubles, trials, and hardships – every type of opposition – we face help influence us to pursue wisdom, seek truth, and grab onto faith.


He knows we cannot be the best version of ourselves without overcoming opposition.


But He is always gracious to help us overcome.

He won’t let us suffer or struggle alone … when we trust Him and ask for help.


But even when we are too stubborn to trust Him completely, He still loves us enough to send people to encourage us, empower us, and embrace us.


Yes, we are His princesses (1 Peter 2:9). But we can also be warriors – women who fight with everything they are by the truth of who He is … who always come out better for fighting the battle.


So, princess, adjust your crown.

Stand up straight.

Set your mind on victory.

And fight for His best that He has waiting for you.


The fight will help you become all He has purposed you to be.

The fight will show you how much you are truly capable of.

The fight is the way to receive all He has for you in this season.


So, fight.

Be the warrior princess He created you to be.

And find the happily ever after He has for you.


Marie Fremin.  1/1/20 and 1/3/20.

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