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Inspired by the falling of the World Trade Center Towers in NYC and the attempt on the Pentagon, 9/11/01


Confusion longs for clarity

Grief runs its course

Pain looks for comfort

Realization comes by force


People turn to each other

People turn to God

People search for truth

Where wise men fear to trod


Truth is elusive

Truth is unclear

Truth is a factor

That may never appear


Death is rampant

Loss is everywhere

Destruction and desolation

Make everyone care


Suffering as a nation

Unity in pain

Wondering together

Cloaked in strain


Where are the pieces

That make this puzzle fit?

Where are the answers

Between the tads and tidbits?


Plunging of towers

Falling of dreams

Collapse of framework

But not of our seams


A nation is stronger

Because it was weakened

A people is united

In search of a beacon


The glare of the television

The reporters unsure

A nation suspended

Yet integrity pure


Video replayed

Horror relived

Tragedy continuous

Can people forgive?


Who do you blame?

Where do you look?

Is everyone guilty?

So many lives they took


Uprise of chivalry

Love abounds

Linked by a travesty

A nation is found



— Marie Fremin, 2001