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Prayer for 2019

1 Samuel 12:21 – And do not turn aside [from following the Lord]; for then you would go after empty things which cannot profit or deliver, for they are nothing. (NKJV)


Loving Father,

In 2018 we asked You for NEW – new work, new perspective, new insight, new boldness, new appreciation, new compassion, new surrender, new understanding, and new strength.  Thank You for answering this prayer in all the ways You did – helping us to become better, stronger, and wiser.


Now we are about to enter into 2019.

Prayer for 2019

Help us in the new year to identify and then release all the “empty things” in our life.  Help us to honestly look at our relationships, our choices, our thoughts, our habits, our hearts, and our words – so we can rewrite our stories.

  • From chaos. Help us to see where we are creating turmoil instead of calm and following selfishness instead of You. Help us to redirect our lives to the peace that comes from quiet obedience instead of the pandemonium of following our reckless emotions.
  • From feeling worthless. Help us to find things we are allowing to steal and undermine our value instead of adding to it. Help us to redirect our lives so we appreciate our value as Your special masterpiece of grace.
  • From being without purpose. Help us to find where we have chosen our own path and stopped using our gifts. Help us to redirect our lives back to where You are in control and we choose to love people through the gifts You have given us.
  • From disorder. Help us to find where we have allowed busyness to steal our focus and distract our worship. Help us to redirect our lives so we have true relationship with You and are aware of and grateful for Your presence in our daily lives.
  • From confusion. Help us to find where comparison has stolen our beauty and commentary has caused us to question Your love. Help us to redirect our lives so we realize how amazing we are to You, through You, and for You.
  • From desolation. Help us to find where we have given up hope and lost heart. Help us to redirect our lives so we grab onto Your grace with both hands and never let go of the potential waiting for us in Your love.
  • From barrenness. Help us find where we have become lazy and comfortable – and stopped trying for more. Help us to redirect our lives so we willingly get up and say “yes” to You with a free and joyful heart.


Help us in 2019 to have the courage to look at all the components of our lives with total honesty – and then the boldness to change anything we find not leading us toward Your best life.  Thank You for the grace You will shower upon each moment of each day in 2019 – to encourage us, challenge us, and support us through the process.


Marie Fremin.  9/30/18.


PDF Copy: Prayer for 2019