Prayer for my Co-Worker


I know words alone cannot heal all the broken and hurting places in your heart.  Because there are a lot of things coming against you in this season of your life.  So you feel hopeless.  You feel isolated.  You feel dejected.  You feel rejected.  And I know that nothing I can say can make it any better.


But I have to say this: though you feel alone, you are not alone.  You have people around you who support you, care about you, are praying for you, and who are cheering you on.


Because we know this is just a season.  These difficult times are temporary and will pass away.  This pain is only a manifestation of the fear trying to manipulate and destroy you.


Nothing negative is real.  It is really all an illusion to distract us from the good things from and big blessings of God.


So now I pray specifically for you to hold onto hope and not lose heart as you battle for your life.  I pray based on Psalm 23, a song of David declaring the goodness of God.




Loving Father,

Thank You for —-.  Thank You for giving her an adventurous spirit and a mother’s heart.  Thank You for enabling her to have and excel at her job.  Thank You for giving her a great son – to love her and to keep her humble and mentally sharp.  =)


Help her today, Father, to know You as Shepherd.  As the One who always watches over her and out for her.  As the One who wants to protect her from great harm and deep hurts.


Let her heart never be overly troubled or deeply grieved.  Let her be full of peace, so she is never fitful or restless.  When she is anxious, overwhelmed, or fearful, lead her into Your loving arms, where You will quiet her fears and calm her anxious heart by bringing her peace, confidence, and rest.


Help her to stay focused on You, who lavishly pours out grace to walk through every trial and meet every need.  Help her to know it is Your grace that “refreshes” her to face the day with the quiet assurance that You are in control of all things and You have a grand plan for her life (Jeremiah 29:11).  Help her to rest in Your grace to refresh her weary body and restore the hope of her battered spirit (Matthew 11:28-30).  Help her to open her arms wide to receive Your grace, which will comfort her as You establish and clear the path ahead of her.


Comfort her, sweet Savior, by helping her to embrace the truth that nothing – no tear, no fear, no experience, no trial – goes unnoticed by You and can and will be redeemed through Your grace for her good and Your glory (Romans 8:28).


Guide her, redeeming Rescuer, into the comfort and consolation of Your love.  Where she will find an unending flow of Your goodness and Your mercy waiting to warmly and fully embrace her.


Protect her tender heart, compassionate Creator, to keep her steady and true with the hope of a good end, the expectation of a big miracle, and the truth of Your infinite and unequaled loved.


Because she is currently in the deep and dark shadows.  There is no light.  The dark is strangling out her hope and wearing out the faith in her heart.


So I pray, loving Father, that You come to her.  In a real way that lets her know You are with her.  So she knows with absolute confidence that You are for her as only a loving Shepherd can be.


That You care greatly.  That You comfort compassionatelly.  That You restore completely.  That You lead with divine purpose.  That You refresh with grace.  That You provide generously.


I pray You will fill her heart to overflow with hope and grace so that her new go-to response is “God’s got this!”  Because she has allowed Your goodness and mercy to overtake her, overwhelm her, and overcome her – so fear, desperation, and despair are chased away and unable to take root in her.


I pray the new cry of her heart is “I lack nothing!”  Because she knows You are a good God who supplies all we need each day to successfully navigate the emotions, the trials, the disappointments, and the unexpected.


I pray You stir up the strength You have built into her so she walks in the spirit of the overcoming warrior You designed her to be.


I pray You help her to know that You are leading her “along the right paths”, a way safe and secure – no matter how it looks.  Because You are walking with her, to uphold her, to comfort her, to encourage her, and to love her.  Especially in the darkest and most hopeless places, where she will be (easily) tempted to give up, to go back, and to gather insecurities close.  In those moments, I pray she turns fully to You, with great hope, and loudly declares “I will not fear”.  Because she will know Your love can conquer anything and everything.


I pray You help her to let go.  To realize what is out of her control and to let go of those things.  By giving her the peace and confident assurance that You are leading her into Your purposes and guiding her according to Your plans.  So her way is sure.  So her heart is secure.  So her trust is steady and unwavering.  So her testimony is true.  So her faith is genuine.  So her help is compassionate.


I pray You give her wisdom to look to You and stay focused on You.  Not on the storms of doubts inside her, trying to undermine her faith.  Not on the boisterous winds blowing around her, trying to shake her hope.  Not on the waves swelling high toward her, trying to quench the spark of Your love within her.  Let her words speak of Your grace upon her, around her, in her, and for her.


I pray, loving Father, that You give her today a new heart, a new hope, a new faith, a new thought, a new focus, and a new outlook.


I pray You show her how much You truly love her and want blessings for her.  I pray You get through to her and help her believe You have only Your best planned for her.  I pray You give her the hope and courage to keep fighting and keep moving toward Your best.  I pray You help her to embrace the truth that she is Your princess and Your poetry, and as such she is worthy of Your best.  I pray You enlighten her eyes so she can see what a blessing she is – and how truly blessed she is.


Shine Your hope into all the unsure and insecure places within her.  Shine Your love into all the lonely and desperate places within her.  Shine Your grace into all the broken, lost, and confused places within her.


So she knows she is loved and cherished always.  By the Shepherd who loves completely and without limits.


Thank You for the great moves You are already orchestrating in her life to buoy her hope, bolster her confidence, and build her faith.  So that she knows that though man may fail her, You never will.


Thank You for a hope that surpasses explanation and a peace that surpasses understanding.


In Jesus’ all-mighty name.  AMEN!


Marie Fremin.  10/7-10/8/16

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