Jesus Loves Me


Jesus loves me

This I know

For His sacrifice

Tells me so.


With His arms

Stretched out so wide

It was for MY sin

And shame He died.


As the blood flowed freely

From His body torn

With a crown of thorns

The soldiers did His head adorn.


The pain so great

The agony so real

The weight of my sin

Did He completely feel.


Every breath a trial

Every minute excruciating pain

All to change the world

And my soul to gain.


A cross and three nails

And His earthly mission was done

It was time to ascend

And rule as God’s Son.


Because His love was proven

Because His joy was complete

By His life as an example

And His resurrection as hell’s defeat.


His love so noble

His love so true

His love so obvious

It was all about me and you.


And it doesn’t matter

Where I have been

It doesn’t matter

How I have clung to my sin.


It doesn’t matter

That I’ve run way

It doesn’t matter

That I’ve gone astray.


All that matters

Are those arms stretched wide

Waiting to embrace me

And my sin to override.


Because I am precious to Him

Because I am loved beyond compare

By the Savior who gave His life

So I would never doubt His care.


Marie Fremin,  10/8/16

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