Happy Father’s Day from a Daughter

It occurred to me recently that I have not done a tribute to fathers.  And oh how important fathers are.  The heart of the family is the mother, but the strength of the family is the father.

Father's Day

To a daughter, daddy is the man.  The main man.  The most adored man.  He is the first to hold her heart, and he always holds a special place there.  He can make or break her attitude, her dreams, and her heart.  He is the man she looks to to teach her, to guide her, and to love her.  He is the model she uses to choose her boyfriend and eventually her husband.  He is always special to her.


For a daughter, there is no greater joy than to be told by her father she is beautiful.  To be made to feel amazingly pretty and incomparable in the world.  For him to treat her like a precious gem.  To cherish and adore her.  Because she will see herself through his eyes and love who she is.


For a daughter, there is no greater strength than the value a father instills in her.  When he encourages her to thrive, to aim high, and to go far.  When he gives her wings to fly as high as she is able because her potential is unlimited.  Because she will have the confidence to go the distance and do amazing things.


For a daughter, there is no greater pleasure than to see his smiling face in the crowd.  To know he is cheering on her endeavors and probably bragging on her accomplishments.  To know his support is unwavering and his pride is obvious (even if his wallet is hurting, ha ha).  Because she will learn the value of true love and commitment, which will color the way she lives her life.


When a father gives his presence, it is a gift beyond compare.

When a father provides for his family, it is a blessing beyond description.

When a father loves, it is unconditional.


So thank you to all the fathers.

Thank you for working so hard to take care of us.

Thank you for every morning you get up early.

Thank you for every hour you spend in traffic.

Thank you for every meeting you sit through.

Thank you for every day you work late.

Thank you for every sacrifice you make.

Thank you for every time you leave work early to support us.

Thank you for every vacation you plan.

Thank you for every business trip you take.


And thank you for being there.

Thank you for every game, recital, and play you attended.

Thank you for every dollar you invest in us.

Thank you for every bedtime story you read.

Thank you for every night you waited up for us to come home.

Thank you for every carpool you drove.

Thank you for every sleepless night you held us.

Thank you for every prayer you have prayed.

Thank you for every boy you worried about us dating.

Thank you for every piece of advice you gave.

Thank you for every tear you dried.

Thank you for every wound you took care of.


Thank you for demonstrating the love of God.

Thank you for demonstrating the heart of Jesus.

Thank you for demonstrating the wisdom of the Spirit.


Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being Dad.


We wouldn’t be here without you.

We wouldn’t be us without you.

We wouldn’t be whole without you.


Happy Father’s Day!


Marie Fremin, 6/26/16 and 7/2/16

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