Chris August has a song based on Matthew 18:21-22, where Jesus says “I say to you, not up to seven times, but seventy times seven”.


The chorus is powerful.

What can it teach us about forgiveness?


7 times 70 times.  Stop counting how many times you forgive someone and just keep forgiving them.  Because it is important to your well-being and your relationship with God.  Because God doesn’t count how many times He forgives you.  Because it isn’t about quantity but about quality.  He means to keep forgiving, no many how many days or tries it takes to be real to you.


I’ll do what it takes to make it right.  Forgiveness is obedience.  I will allow God to speak to me about the right way to go, and I will willingly follow Him … no matter how difficult it is or how uncomfortable it makes me.


I thought the pain was here to stay.  Forgiveness is a balm.  I could not see beyond myself to see God’s goodness, so I focused on my pain.  And then I got stuck.  No growth, no forward movement, no pure joy.


But forgiveness made a way.  God loves me too much to leave me wallowing, so He provided a way for me to get unstuck – so I can be free, joyful, and prosperous.


7 times 70 times.  It doesn’t matter how you feel, what you think, or what has happened.  Make the choice to forgive – again.  And again.  And as often as necessary to move beyond that moment.


There’s healing in the air tonight.  “God picked up my heart and helped me through” my darkest thoughts, my hardest seasons, and my most hopeless situations.  He released me from the prison I created for myself with my hard heart and self-righteousness.  He broke the chains I had placed around myself.  He gave me hope that things would get better.


I’m reaching up to pull it down.  Forgiveness is a choice.  I am making the conscious choice and purposed effort to look outside of my feelings and beyond my experiences to find God.


Gonna wrap it all around.  Forgiveness is a comfort.  I am choosing to replace my hurt, my pain, my sadness, and my shame with God’s grace and to receive His grace fully to fill in the cracks in my broken heart.


Forgiveness is us accepting God’s grace in our life.  And then making the grace-full choice to reach out and do the same for others – “I forgive you”.


Who do you need to forgive today?


Marie Fremin.  6/7/16



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