Birthday Reflections

Am I the only one who starts reflecting about life on her birthday?  Especially the milestone ones?

Birthday Reflections 2016

I keep telling people that life is simply a series of choices.  And our choices decide how we see life.


So I decided this year to celebrate I should come up with a list of blessings to correspond with my number of years on this earth.


  1. A relationship with God. His drawing me to Himself with the right church at the right season of my life.  His revealing Himself to me to show me why I had a void in my life and then filling that void with Himself.  And in filling it, a continued expanding understanding of His love and grace.
  2. A loving family. They aren’t perfect.  They don’t understand my faith.  But they don’t make me choose between them and God.  They don’t reject me because I believe in God.
  3. A tribe. I have great people who have worked themselves into my life.  They have stuck around through a lot of craziness, and I appreciate them for their choice to love me through it all.
  4. We tend to take for granted that we live in a nation of freedom and individual expression.  I am not condemned, silenced, covered up, or limited in possibility because I am a woman.  I am not someone’s property or possession.  I am an individual with many rights and freedoms.  I can take my bible anywhere and read it openly without fear of persecution.
  5. I have had two great dogs.  They have taught me so much about God and His unfailing love.  I think dogs are a great demonstration of God’s love for us.  I hope one day to be a person who is as trusting and loving as a dog is.
  6. I have been through enough in my life to say – and believe – that God has a plan and God is working out that plan.  That God is ordering my steps.  That God has everything under control.  My faith is a gift I open each day as I trust God to be with me, for me, and in me.
  7. I know it is cliché, but I don’t care.  There is something soothing and comforting about chocolate.  So I choose to see it as a gift from a loving Father.
  8. Modern conveniences. How easy it is to take simple things like running water and electricity for granted.  I know we are blessed for having so many things at our fingertips.  And I never take a hot shower or running water for granted.
  9. One of my favorite things.  There is nothing like someone else working on your feet to get your toes into shape.  You can sit back and relax while someone massages your cares away.
  10. I am able to go out and do things that I enjoy.  Seeing a movie or a play.  Going to a concert.  Traveling to visit friends.
  11. Being able to stay connected with people via Facebook.  Being able to listen to sermons online from preachers all over the world.  Being able to research things of interest or importance to me with just a few keystrokes.
  12. Having music that moves you more readily accessible.  Being able to have any song on your playlist.  Learning the words to a song that moves you.  Singing a song that expresses how you feel but maybe cannot enunciate.  Dancing to a song that inspires your feet to move.
  13. A good piece of art will make you think, dream, and respond.  I love artwork of the sunrise or sunset, where God’s colors and imagination are on vibrant display.  I love to buy prints of things that make me smile.
  14. Ceiling fans. It is funny, I know.  But I take after my mother in being hot natured.  So in almost every season a fan gives me the needed temperature to be comfortable.  One in every room and one in my office at work.  I stay cool and can therefore think more clearly.
  15. The idea of people being together and staying together for a lifetime.  Of people being committed to loving each other through all of life’s challenges.  Of people choosing to stay together and support each other.
  16. Snail mail. There is nothing more special or uplifting than getting a card or letter in the mail.  For having someone think about you and express that thought with a stamped envelope.
  17. Being able to type my thoughts as they happen.  Then being able to read them and edit them in a quick fashion.  Easier than trying to write as fast as I think.
  18. I have family members that sew and crochet.  Because of this, I have special blankets that have been made just for me.  I have these mementos of love to enjoy.
  19. Mexican food. So much goodness in one burrito or enchilada.  It just soothes my soul and makes me smile.
  20. Cars were made to be driven, and not just at 35 miles an hour.  An open road usually means the ability to go a little faster.
  21. No matter how I screw up or how many mistakes I make, there is forgiveness.  There is a new opportunity.  There is still love.  Because grace wins (thanks Matthew West).
  22. Sunny days. There is nothing more uplifting than looking out a window and seeing the sun shine.
  23. “Joshua”. A great movie with a great reminder that God loves us and is still reaching out to us.  That He is with us in our everyday, ordinary lives.
  24. Flip flops. The world’s best footwear, outside of being barefoot.  Comfort for your feet.
  25. There is nothing like having a paperback book in your hands.  Once a reader, always a reader.  I have several shelves full of great stories.
  26. I can come to God anytime, anywhere, about any subject.  I can express myself honestly and openly about what I’m thinking and feeling.  I can ask for anything, no matter how outrageous.  Yet with the temperance of knowing His purpose will be done.
  27. I work with a great group of guys.  They get loud and obnoxious, but they are good guys with good hearts.  They care.
  28. Once I learned to embrace the gift that has been pointed out from a young age, life opened up to endless possibilities.  God speaks to me in radical and poignant ways when I write.  And being able to share it on my blog may bring peace and healing to someone.
  29. Chili cheeseburgers. Hamburgers, good.  Add chili and cheese?    Hard to pass up.
  30. I love the bright flower.  When they are plentious in summer, it is breathtaking to drive past fields of them.
  31. Starry skies. Coming home in the dark?  Take a minute and look up.  Look at the stars in the sky and be amazed at how carefully God orders and cares for the universe.
  32. North Point. Andy Stanley is an amazing communicator who makes me think about life and choices.
  33. Text messages. I like being able to have a conversation with someone in a middle of a workday without having a long, drawn out, or potentially awkward phone conversation.  We can respond as we are able.  We can think before responding.
  34. Keeping a record of each year with play programs, cards, and special notes.  Being able to look back and see what the year held.
  35. I have always been a giggler.  There is nothing like a good belly laugh that keeps going.  Laughter uplifts the soul.
  36. Cross stitch. Being able to make a unique baby gift or wedding present. Or just fun artwork.
  37. Being able to talk several times a week with my grandmother.  Staying connected and being a part of each other’s lives.  Sharing laughter and craziness.  Teasing her about not dusting – and giving her excuses not to.  Getting the annual birthday phone call.
  38. Bible studies. Being able to read the bible and have God reveal Himself.  Being able to write down what I learn in a study format and being able to share it with others.
  39. Half-length pants that give ventilation for the legs.  Allowing a little more airflow and therefore comfort on the hotter days.
  40. Being able to give to people and causes.  With a willing heart and an open hand.


So that is my list.  There are so many more things, but I think I have narrowed it down to my core.  What are you thankful for?

Birthday Reflections 2016-2


Marie Fremin, 4/2-4/3/16

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