What’s Your Broken?

Marie's Hope

People are broken.  Emotionally.  Everyone has a story, and everyone has pain in their past. For some people it’s an obvious broken that they share. For others it’s a great mystery.

What's Your Broken

Today I’m sitting here at work wondering what my coworker’s broken is.  And that’s a major victory for me.

See, I could be sitting here getting all upset about the fact that all my job end times were changed last night.  All my jobs from end time 5:40 to 6:05 were changed to 6:00pm when I came in this morning.  5 jobs total.  And there was only person who would have bothered to take the time to “fix” them to her (rigid) standards.

So I’m sitting here this morning deciding how I want to react.  I’m not mad.  I’m not sad.  I’m not even put out.  And as I ponder, I realize God has placed in me this unusual…

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