God Said No

We pray, and God listens. But how are we praying?


I asked God to answer my prayer immediately. And God said no.

I asked God to give me exactly what I asked for. And God said no.


For we tend to pray with an expectation of now. God answers with a vision of eternity.


So some of the things – in fact most of the things – I ask for, God says no. But not because He doesn’t love me.


Because He does love me.

God Said No

God says no because it’s not the best for me. He has something bigger and better for me. His no is final. But His no is not fatal. Because His no means that He loves me enough to not give me anything that isn’t His best. That His plans and His answer are more than I can currently see or expect.


God says no because it’s not the right timing. I may not be ready to handle it. I may need another season – or two or three – to be prepared for what He wants to give me. There may be details that aren’t completely lined up. In these instances, His no is actually a “not yet”. He is preparing me to be ready for it. And He is preparing that thing to be ready for me.


And for whatever He reason He says no, He will walk with me through it. To comfort me. To assure me. To guide me.


Because He loves me.


His no is part of the faith journey we are on. It is an important place where we have to decide. If we love Him more than what we want. If we trust Him more than our own judgment. If we believe He is faithful, even if we don’t get what we want. If we will continue to believe He is good, no matter how He answers.


His no is the turning point between selfishness and maturity. Between uncertainty and grounded faith. Between being a lukewarm (uncommitted) follower and being wholeheartedly sold out (devoted). So how will you respond?


Marie Fremin.  1/13 and 1/19/16

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