Right Stuff

We sang a great song at church last Sunday by Brent Stanfill called “Trust It All”. The chorus says “My whole life, all for Your glory, My life is in Your hands, I trust it all, I trust it all to You, My dreams and all my plans, I trust it all, I trust it all”.


That’s the ideal of the Christian life, isn’t it? To trust all of our lives to Him.


As I sang about trusting Him, I started thinking about how much I really do.


How much do I trust Him that I am in the right place? The right church? The right job? The right groups?

Right Stuff.jpg

Because when I am in the right place, I am being changed. I am growing.


I realize that the challenges are necessary for growth. For grace. For goodness. For God’s purposes. For future opportunities.


Because God is trying to get me to the real. The truth. The heart of the conflicts and controversies.


Because God wants me to see the source of my emotions. My bad attitudes. My pain.


Because He loves me and wants me to grow. And growth hurts. But the pain of change is necessary to get to the next level. The new revelation. The next blessing.


I don’t like the pain of growing, but it is part of His good plan. So I need to believe, to trust, and to know He won’t lead me to destruction or harm. That He wants only good things for me, so my blessings will boast of His goodness.


And that starts by having the right attitude about where I am. Because if I am not in the right place, He will guide me where I need to be. But wherever I am, I know He is with me. He is ordering my steps. He is working for my good.


So are you right where you need to be? He is there with you, whether you are or not. And He will meet you right where you are and lovingly move with you down the right path.


Marie Fremin, 1/10 and 1/16/16

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