Cast Your Care

Several of the disciples were fishermen (Peter, Andrew, James, John – Matthew 4:18-22). So they knew the meaning of casting. Part of their livelihood as fishermen was casting – throwing, hurling, thrusting – their nets into the sea. Their income depended on good casting. Their families depended on good casting. Their dinner depended on good casting.


So do you think any of these guys just dropped the nets carelessly over the boat’s edge? Do you think any of them casually or without effort tossed the nets into the waters?


No way.


Because too much depended on a good cast. A strong cast. A purposed cast.


So those nets were tossed with all the strength they could muster. Those nets were heaved into the waters with great determination. Those nets were hurled with great force and purpose.


For these fishermen needed a great haul to feed their families and make a living.


And a great haul doesn’t come with mediocre, wimpy, nonchalant, small, or weak effort.


And the same thing goes for our spiritual walk. A faithful walk doesn’t settle for mediocre. A faithful walk doesn’t have wimpy belief or confidence. A faithful walk doesn’t go through the day with nonchalant or nonexistent care of people. A faithful walk doesn’t limit itself to small dreams or tiny visions. A faithful walk doesn’t grow with weak because circumstances are hard.


So God asks us to cast, just like the disciples. Only He asks us to cast our care upon Him. 1 Peter 5:6-7Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Cast Your Care

To “cast your care” is to throw it upon or fling it to God (Greek ĕpirrhiptō). To throw it with purpose. To toss it with determination. To fling it with strength.


To give it completely to God. Without hesitation. Without doubt. Without reservation. Without fear. With force. With passion. With faith.


So God is asking us to give everything to Him and trust Him to work it out for our good. To give Him every fear, every anxiety, every doubt, every weakness, and every worry. To release to Him every moment of shame, guilt, pain, or anger. To stop wallowing in desperation and reach out for Him with everything you are – and everything you aren’t.


And in exchange? Healing, freedom, comfort, joy, praise, and “beauty for ashes” (Isaiah 61:1-3). Rest and peace of mind (Matthew 11:28-30). Endurance and strength to get through each day (Isaiah 40:29-31).


So what are you holding onto today? What do you need to give to God? Are you willing to let it go by heaving it out of the path of your victory?


God is asking you to cast it in His direction today. To fling it to Him with determination that God’s best is waiting for you. To throw it to Him with the purpose of seeing change happen. To hurl it to Him with the full confidence that He cares enough to help you through it.


So start casting today. Your life depends on it.


Marie Fremin, 1/15-16/16



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