Make It Count

Make it count. An interesting phrase. I read it in this great article about prayer[i]. Bronwyn Lea talks about praying “God, make it count” instead of “God, make it better”.


Make what count?


Make my experiences count.

Make my waiting count.

Make my pain count.

Make my tears count.

Make my impatience count.

Make my anger count.


Make all those moments in between my prayers, when I am dealing with real life, count for something. Make all those emotions when I had to decide whether to doubt You or trust You, when I could have gone either way, count for something. Make all the pain of living in a broken world, when I both hurt and am hurt, count for something. Make all my bad reactions count for something. Make all the craziness, chaos, and confusion count for something. Make all the emotional upheavals, uncertainty, and shaken faith count. Make all the surety and confidence count. Make it all count for something in the grand scope of life and Your plans.


It’s so easy to pray “God, make it better.” That would be the easiest thing for us. But there is no real change, sacrifice, or growth in it for us.


What if it isn’t God’s best for us to just make it better? What if God is building resiliency, dependency, and consistency in us? What if God has a more eternal plan in mind? What if God is polishing and shaping us so His light shines more brightly and clearly through us?


So that His grace is more evident.

So that His forgiveness is more obvious.

So that His love is more visible.


He counts every emotion, every thought, every experience, and every action. And He will redeem them all, both good and bad, to produce His life in you and promote His grace through you.

Do you want your life to count? Do you want your prayers to count? Trust Him in all moments, at all times, and in all things. And He will make it count.

Make It Count.jpg



Marie Fremin, 1/3/16


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