Give Your All

I heard several pastors recently include Mark 12:30 in their sermons. This verse tell us that the greatest command is that “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength”.


And God has really been speaking to me about this verse. We all understand the concept of loving God and trying to love people in the same unconditional way He does. We all think we grasp the extent of God’s love and can possibly mimic it to some degree.


But do you realize what the most important word in that verse is? It is “all”. How many of us understand the vital importance of surrendering everything we are to Him?


What is our all?


Every emotion.

Every thought.

Every attitude.

Every intention.

Every word.

Every action.

Every decision.

Every ambition.

Every reaction.

Every hurt.

Every condition/rule.

Every judgment.

Every prejudice.

Every stereotype.


Give Him your all. It starts from the innermost, most secret places within you.  Where darkness desires to enter and take root to turn godly fruit into selfish pursuits. Where sin creeps its way in inch by inch to invade all these areas.


So how do we combat it? How do we give Him our all?


By forgiving (every wrong, regardless of an apology).

By letting go (completely, without strings or conditions).

By reconciling (sincerely, out of a repentant heart).

By praying (continuously for guidance).

By pausing (before acting and reacting).

By loving (all people at all times, no exceptions).

By obeying (without hesitation).

By serving (giving of yourself to others).

By giving mercy (as often as you can).

By promoting grace (in all situations and for all behavior).

By trusting Him (no matter what you are going through and struggling with).


By living your life in a way that confesses that you don’t have all the answers and can’t do it by yourself. By being open and honest with your strengths (gifts) and your weaknesses (struggles). By going to God with anything and everything about your life, asking for His strength and guidance. By glowing His love whenever and wherever you can. By knowing you were not created to be perfect but to be growing and changing. By accepting you are a sinful creature with a perfect Savior who has already made a way for you to live victoriously in today. By knowing you are a work in progress and the goal of each day to is do a little better than yesterday.

Give Your All

So are you ready to give Him your all? He will fill all your empty spaces, overwrite all your pain, cleanse all your sin, uplift all your weaknesses, bless all your talents, redeem all your tears, replace all your fears, overcome all your doubts, rename all your shame, and tame all your pride. In other words, He will love you into wholeness so your all becomes a force for His goodness and grace.


Marie Fremin, 12/28/15


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