The end of one year and the promise of a new year always gets me thinking. What should I take into the new year? What do I need to change (start, stop)?


Thinking (and writing) about it, God impressed this idea – determination.

What I do – and don’t do. What I become – and don’t become. Where I go – and don’t go. Who I forgive – and don’t forgive. How I spend my time and my energy. How I direct my attention and my focus. What I think and how I feel. It is all about my determination. What I decide becomes my path. I make my choices and follow through on those things important to me.


And so I start thinking – what am I determined about?

What do I care enough about to make it a priority?

Who do I choose to spend time with?

What time do I purposely carve out of my “busyness” to enjoy life?


And then I dig a little deeper.

Am I determined to always be right? To have the last word? To prove you wrong?

Am I determined to love you, no matter what? To forgive? To let go?

Am I determined to uplift you? To encourage you? To show you hope?

Am I determined to choose peace above all my emotions?


And then I ask the big question – how determined am I to get to know God? Because I can only do that when I give my time to Him. To talk. To listen. To pray. To sing. To read. To write. To be quiet. To trust. To believe. To know. To hope. To seek. Without doubt. Without hesitation. Without worry. Without religious regulations and rules. Without limits. With complete confidence, assurance, faith, and wonder.


So many hard questions. So many choices of how I live my life. Yet the decision is mine – and only mine – to make. So what I am determined about? What do I want to be determined about? What do I need to change in the coming year? I’m determined to do better, and I’ll trust God to help me go the right way. To guide my determination to things that are important to Him. To be purposeful in my determination. Will you be determined with me?


Marie Fremin, 12/14 and 12/20/15


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