New Year 2016

New Year 2016

2016 is upon us, close enough for it to be part of our reality. A new year. 366 days (yes, you get an extra day for leap year) of new and unlimited possibilities, of unknown adventures, of unmade wonderful memories, and uncounted blessings and joy.


366 chances to experience something NEW:

  • To look at life with a NEW attitude
  • To do life better with a NEW approach
  • To appreciate all your blessings with a NEW perspective
  • To grow closer to and more knowledgeable about God with NEW habits
  • To break the chains of addiction and pain with NEW choices
  • To walk in freedom and joy every day with NEW revelations (wisdom)
  • To reach out and impact people with NEW intentionality
  • To find your path (dream, ministry, purpose) with NEW opportunities
  • To dream big dreams and see the impossible happen with NEW possibilities
  • To believe God for anything with NEW (bigger) faith
  • To look at life and all its miracles with NEW wonder
  • To grow stronger and bolder to take the next step with NEW confidence
  • To live appreciating all you have with NEW amazement
  • To walk in your gifts with NEW creativity
  • To choose to look at Jesus instead of your circumstances (storms) with a NEW focus
  • To revel in how unconditionally loved you are with NEW thinking
  • To be the hands and feet of Jesus with NEW service
  • To forgive people and heal relationships with NEW grace
  • To accept people where they are while encouraging them to grow with NEW compassion
  • To convey to people the unconditional love of Jesus with NEW boldness
  • To admit our weaknesses and surrender them to Jesus with NEW humility
  • To seek and adapt to the truth in His Word with NEW hunger


Each day is a new opportunity to love, to forgive, to reach out, to try (again), to hope. Each day is a fresh chance to step with (toward) Jesus and His unconditional love and mercy. Each day is a blank page waiting for our story to be written – for our choices to form the ripples of life around us.


How will your life look? What NEW choices and BIG changes will you make?

New Year 2016 #2


Marie Fremin, 12/13/15


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