6 Word Story

It was interesting listening to the Joy FM this morning (10/6/15). They were talking about the urban legend that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write the basis of a story using only 6 words. 6 words that would make people want to hear the story. He came up with “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” It was brought up because Tom Hanks did the same thing yesterday on Reddit – “Godzilla is angry. Not at me.”

Then they gave people the opportunity to call in and give their story (or a story) in 6 words. And that got me thinking. What story would (or could) I tell in just 6 words?

Here are the ones I came up with sitting in traffic this morning that could describe anyone’s story when they know God:

  • Life is challenging. I am overcoming.
  • Say cheese. God is watching you.
  • Pain is inevitable. Forgiveness is necessary.
  • Go back and face it now.
  • Heart for sale. God or man?
  • Big smiles. Warm hugs. Hurting heart.
  • Unexpressed thoughts. Confused emotions. Choose God?
  • Big mistakes. Bad choices. Amazing God!
  • Bad attitudes. Including me. Truth hurts.
  • Mistakes were made. God forgives all.

Then later that same day another “story” came up. Big issues. Always me. Awkward silence. Yes, I had an interesting conversation today while trapped in a car (being driven to pick up my car). It started with me being asked why I am unhappy and spiraled into me being unrealistic (in asking for a little communication) and a negative drain on all around me. Once again all the ails were put on my shoulders, the responsibility of everyone’s unhappiness dropped upon my shoulders to carry. And I just didn’t know how to respond. Because every time I spoke, I was interrupted and told I was wrong, sometimes on multiple levels. So when your feelings are denied and discouraged and you feel you have no voice, the result is awkward silence. And that day, that was my story.

Every day the story changes. The 6 words differ based on the people and the atmosphere around you and the emotions inside you.

One truth, a 6 word story, never changes. No matter what you’re going through. No matter what life is throwing at you. “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.” Grace is always available, always amazing, always waiting for you. No exceptions, no rules. Free and readily available to you to sustain you, strengthen you, guide you, encourage you, and help you.

6 Word Stories

6 words. What’s your story? Will you allow it to include grace?

Marie Fremin, 10/6 and 11/7/15


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