Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

Do you realize your story matters? That your story is important?

You may not believe me, but it’s true. God will use your story – your past, your experiences, your pain, your victories, your lessons learned – for His glory and your gain. God will redeem all your hurt and broken places – by showing you His divine placement (guidance) and how far you’ve already come.

When you tell your story, you get the opportunity to (finally) see how God guided, protected, and loved you. You come to realize that your way wasn’t the better choice. You can (more clearly) see how God purposed everything to make you better and stronger – and to position you for the next step/level/revelation/relationship.

And you can understand 2 Corinthians 1:4, which tells us God will redeem your pain to help others. Your victory, success, and survival can speak life, hope, and faith to someone walking through the same battle/valley/circumstance/difficulty. Your story can help people realize that there is an end to their struggle – and they can get through with joy, gladness, and blessing.

People need the wisdom of your experience. People need the hope of God’s goodness. People need the joy of victory. People need the grace of endurance. People need to see success is possible and God is faithful. People need to know there will be an end to whatever they are going through – and with God it can (will) be a good end. That no matter what happens God can bring joy, blessing, and life. That God’s grace is truly amazing.

And you need to tell your story so you remember how far you’ve come. How much you’ve been blessed. How much you have learned. How much God really does love you.

Because when you tell your story, you are telling of God’s grace and goodness. You are reminding yourself of God’s faithfulness. You are painting a picture of God’s love – seeing His masterpiece of you evolve as He unites all the broken pieces, bad choices, and painful memories with His paintbrush of grace.

You are reminding yourself – and telling others – how nothing is too big, too deep, too dark, too shameful, too painful, or too powerful for God to overcome and redeem. That nothing is bigger and more powerful than God’s love. That God will use every piece of your story for His glory and your good – if you’ll let Him.

God has someone waiting for you to tell your story. So you can help them walk through their pain to His grace. So you can encourage someone to keep believing and not lose hope. So you can be the light at the end of the darkness for them.

Your story will have impact. You story will be meaningful. Your story is important.

So tell it – fully and truthfully.

And watch God do wonders. He will always amaze you (with His love) when you let Him.

No fear. No excuses. No holds barred.

Tell your story. Go for it!

Marie Fremin, 10/18/15


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