Not Good Enough

You’re not good enough. What a depressing thought, huh? But it really isn’t, within the right context.

I was at church this afternoon, and they sang a song whose verse says “when death was arrested and my life began” (thank you North Point church system for having amazing songwriters).

Not Good Enough

This got me thinking. It all starts with the Cross.

The Cross was the beginning of a new relationship – it opened the door for man to know God. The Cross was the path for sinful man to have right standing before their perfect God. The Cross was the ultimate sacrifice of God’s only son, the sinless Savior, for the benefit of mankind. The Cross, in all its brutality and humiliation and pain, was necessary for the unimpeded flow of grace to us.

And it’s all for you. Whoa!

At the core of who we are, no matter what we do, no matter how many right choice we make, we will never be good enough to deserve the Cross. We cannot think enough good thoughts or do enough good things to be worthy of the Savior’s sacrifice. We cannot pay our way into grace or earn our way into mercy.

Yet it’s freely available to us anytime we need it. Unlimited in supply. Never short on quantity to fill our demand (need). Unconditional and freely available to anyone who receives it.

And all for the very reason we don’t deserve it – we aren’t good enough.

We will never be enough – pretty enough, smart enough, patient enough, loving enough, generous enough, fun enough, talkative enough, silent enough, serious enough, diligent enough, forgiving enough, kind enough, focused enough. In our own strength. In our own abilities. In our own power.

So we need the Cross.

Because with the Cross we are more than enough. We are more than conquerors (Romans 8:38). We are children. We are loved. We are saved by grace.

The Cross is the beginning of our radical shift from not enough. God knew we would never be enough by ourselves, so He gave us His only Son to fill in our “not enough” areas with His more than enough power.

Without Him, we are limited. We are ordinary. We are simple.

With Him, we are unlimited. We are extraordinary. We are magnificent.

And with Him our “not enough” becomes demon destroying, power preaching, people loving, grace filled, forgiven driven more than enough.

So which side of the fence do you want to be on? Stop walking through the wilderness of not enough and come out on the other side into the Promised Land of unlimited blessing, provision, and abundance. Allow God to infuse your “not enough” with His more than enough and radically change your life.

Marie Fremin, 10/11 and 10/13/15


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