One of the great metaphors for life is that it is a blank canvas. It is pure and clean and ready to display the choices we make. The only predetermined “colors” (or shapes) are our genetics – hair and eye color, skin tone, height.


Everything else is up to us. Our job, our weight, our marital status, our pets. We choose our career path, our spouse, our lifestyle, if we have children, where we live, and our hobbies.

And God has blessed us with the ability to do this. He gives us the free will to make our choices. And it’s our choices that color the canvas of our life.

So what does your canvas look like? Is it full of bright and happy colors, bold and imaginative strokes? Or is it colored by darker hues and angry shapes and hidden meanings?

As long as you are alive and breathing, God has given you another chance to improve your canvas. Another opportunity to change the pattern of your life and the strokes on your canvas.

So what will you choose?

If you’re given negative feedback, will you get angry and plot ways to strike back? Or will you let God to walk through the valley of criticism with you to comfort and guide you?

If you’re falsely accused, will you lash out verbally and defend yourself? Or will you pause and think before speaking?

If you’re unhappy, will you blame everyone else? Or will take an introspective look and pray about what you can do differently?

If you’re discouraged, will you hide yourself away? Or will you find comfort in God and be encouraged by the plan He has for your life?

If you’re surrounded by negativity, will you participate in it or be consumed by it? Or will you find ways to be a voice of positivity and rise above it?

If you’re mad, will you hold onto it? Or will you give it to God and choose to forgive?

It’s all a choice, and it’s all your choice to make. I am prayerful and thankful that I can make better choices tomorrow. So what choice will you make today?

Marie Fremin, 6/14/15


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