The Beauty of a Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous mothers out there!

Happy Mothers Day 2015

You are amazing people. You love without limits, tolerate without exception, and forgive without (many) questions. You understand (or at least tolerate) the mood swings, the bad attitudes, and the crazy teenage hormones. And you love us in spite of these crazy moments.

You are counselors, teachers, tutors, doctors, lawyers, housekeepers, dishwashers, laundresses, referees, coaches, cheerleaders, cooks/chefs, caregivers, chauffeurs, bodyguards – and so much more. Yet you ask for so little in return.

Happy Mothers Day 2015 #2

You are warrior queens who are selfless and giving in your love and encouragement. And you don’t get enough thank you’s or appreciation for all you do.

And today I want to take a minute and say “thank you” to my mother. She always encouraged me to not limit myself, my accomplishments, my hopes, or my dreams – as society may do because I was born female. She constantly reminded me to always be and do my best – and in doing so, I would rise above any adversity, challenge, stereotype, and situation.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to never settle.

Thank you, Mom, for always being on my side and believing in me, especially in 1992.

Thank you, Mom, for encouraging me to live up to my full potential academically.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me the freedom to venture into the world (before cell phones).

Thank you, Mom, for instilling self confidence in me. With it I am able to overcome all the labels and stereotypes out in the world.

And thank you, Mom, for being my friend as an adult.

Thank you, Mom, for all the little things that go unnoticed, the every day things that go overlooked, and the big things that are so obvious yet go unappreciated. Thank you for never giving up on me, even in the crazy moments. Thank you for all the years of love, patience, sacrifice, smiles, laughter, and grace. And thank you for always being there, no matter how hard or difficult it was. Thank you for being committed from day one that I was worth it all.

Happy Mothers Day 2015 #3 - love

And to all the mothers out there dealing with crazy teenagers or distant kids, please be reassured that your child DOES love you. If you are riding the hormone roller coaster, remember that your Mom survived and so will you. If it was easy then men would be mothers (ha ha ha). It’s a temporary season of life, and God will give you the strength to face each day with grace. If your child is distant, he or she WILL come back. Mom is the one safe place in the world, and no matter how far you go, you know without a doubt she will be there for you.

So take heart and be encouraged that you are strong enough, smart enough, and capable enough to get through it. After all, you are Mom. That means you are amazing and capable of anything.

So here is wishing each one of you a Happy Mother’s Day and hoping you receive the appreciate you so richly deserve.

Marie Fremin, 5/2-5/3/15


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