Beach Majesty

Today I stood at the edge of the Gulf on Harrison County Sand Beach in Biloxi.

Beach Majesty

It’s a big Gulf. Who knows how many of those waters were once a part of one of our great oceans. Who knows how far those waters had traveled or how many shorelines they had touched. There was no way to know how many creatures were living in those waters, being sustained and existing in the waters (we saw one jumping fish, a representative of a bigger presence). We wondered how many of those waters had been around years before during great hurricanes like Katrina – if they had once absorbed homes and overwhelmed lives.

Yes, the Gulf led to big thoughts. But that was later in the experience, sitting on the pier with my friend.

When I arrived at the beach, I was drawn to the shoreline. I walked across the sand to the water’s edge, stopping just short of the water lapping at the shore. I stood there listening to the birds on my right and watching the waves progress and recede in front of me. It was a choppier day, so the Gulf waves were more numerous and more frequent. The waters rolled, and the sound was soothing and calming. The rolling water rolled peace into me and through me.

And my thoughts became silent. My mind cleared from the chaos of every day life and all I could think was “Wow, God!” There were no concerns about life, my job, my emotions, my family, or my writings. There was just me and God, standing together in the moment for a few wonderful minutes. And I was overwhelmed at how many elements God wove together to create that one moment just for me. I saw the majesty of God. I stood at the water’s edge and realized how awesome He really is.

And realizing how big the Gulf is and how much bigger the God is who created it, I felt small. I realized how possibly insignificant I could be in this big world.

But even though I am not as powerful or as far-reaching as the waters, I am not insignificant. With God I am a mighty warrior with a great purpose and unlimited potential. I am significant to His plans and purposes of those around me. I am also valuable to the people I have yet to meet.

My time at the beach was a majestic experience. I cannot begin to describe how deeply it impacted me.

When’s the last time you were blown away by God?

Marie Fremin.  3/21/15, 3/29/15.


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