Prayer for the Ladies


I pray for these precious ladies that You would:

  1. Reveal Your purpose for her in a new and creative way. Help her to more clearly see and walk in the dream and destiny you have for her. Embolden her with the courage to take the next step toward Your will.
  2. Refresh her faith so that it is new and invigorated. Take the measure she has currently and grow it exponentially so she is a faith-full Help her to walk in the confidence of her faith and boldly proclaim Your love to people. I pray her faith becomes contagious to all around her.
  3. Bless her loved ones. Touch each of her family members and friends with a new/renewed sense of your persence. Open each heart to be more willing to hear and follow You. Guide each one closer to his/her purpose. Fulfill the desires and dreams in each heart. And help this lady be a guiding light, a listening ear, and an encouraging word to her loved ones along the way.
  4. Grant her to see a dream or desire fulfilled. Open the door, Lord, to bring it to pass. Show her the right step to take (move to make) to see her heart’s desire come to fruition. And as You reveal it to her, help her to take a giant leap of faith (or many small steps, if needed) to go where You lead. And as she follows You, continue to expand the vision.
  5. Give her a heart that longs for You and needs to spend time with You. Fill her, Lord, with a desire to want to talk to You and spend personal, quality time with You. Help her to see Your presence and influence all around her. Remind her that she can bring everything to You – all the raw emotions, all the bad thoughts, all the doubtful moments – and give it to You to exchange for Your glory instead of carrying the junk around.
  6. Develop more fruit in her life so that she is everything that indwells her. Thank You for developing a more loving touch (approach), a gentle spirit, a patient attitude, a joyful smile, a peaceful demeanor, a steadfast endurance, and a controlled tongue in her. Thank You that as she abides in (spends time with) You that this fruit will grow and flourish and be evident to all around her.

Thank You for every miracle in her life, every revelation that takes root in her heart, and every milestone of faith she reaches. Thank You for continuing to grow her faith with each positive decision, each right reaction, and each step forward.

I ask these things in Your all powerful name, believing that You have already answered according to Your will. AMEN!

By Marie Fremin.

Started 11/5/14, finished 12/30/14.


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