The Cross is NOT Metaphorical

I posted this quote from an incourage blog about being tired: Tired is NOT an excuse to … be grouchy, show up late, argue with the ones you love, give up, say everything you’re feeling, have a pity party, eat what ever you want, compare your life with hers, or begin to believe Jesus isn’t near.  Tired IS an opportunity.  We can come to The Lord (the One who never tires) and He will give us rest. Our souls will find rest in God alone. And our bodies will follow. He will give us strength since we are weak (and tired).

I was challenged about the post, and here was my response: The point of the post wasn’t to disqualify that we get tired.  Yes, we’ll all get tired as part of our broken, temporal human body.  But we can be renewed with strength and we can move in God’s energy in those moments.  There’s always a higher, better way to live through God.  He asks us to come to Him, lay our burdens and our tired at the foot of the cross, and allow Him to walk with us to renew our minds, emotions, energies, and bodies.

At this point I got asked if the Cross I talk about is metaphorical.  No, it’s not:

We as humans are very limited in the world as a whole, and we have no idea at the end of day of the amazing majesty through which God has carefully and creatively organized this planet and our lives.  He has intimately woven us together before birth (Psalm 139:13-16), knows every hair on our head (Luke 12:7), knows every mistake we’ll make, and knows when our days on earth will be over.  His Son Jesus came willingly and humbly to die on a cross that is NOT metaphorical in any way – it was a real wooden cross on Golgotha’s hill (Matthew 27:33), with a real flesh and blood man hanging from it.  This man chose for my benefit and for yours to become human and take upon Himself all the sin, dirt, lies, filth, anger, sadness, pain, guilt, shame, loneliness, and fears we could and would experience – so we can be intimately connected to and with God and live in His peace and joy.  He died a slow and horrific death, including nails through His wrists and feet, to open the door for you to have relationship with God.  THIS is the reality that no facet of science can explain or explain away.  THIS is the reality that remains reality if you accept it or deny it.  God is THE variable of all things as the Creator and maintainer.  We are all here because of the grace and mercy of God, and we are allowed to get up each day because He has a purpose for us.

Originally published on Facebook 09/14


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