My Perspective on Insecurity

I recently had a discussion about this Max Lucado post I put on Facebook:

Insecurity is a lie that Satan wants each and every one of us to believe. We aren’t perfect, and he’s sure to point that out to us every single day. He’ll never show us our importance because in doing so we wouldn’t realize our importance to God, which is why we must keep our eyes off of the world and on the One who perfects us through grace.  Moses didn’t think he could be used by God because he wasn’t eloquent enough. How many times are we held back because we’re not good enough either? How many days are we discouraged because we don’t realize the extent of God’s grace? — I’d Rather Be a Crown Than a Trophy Wife by Darlene Schacht, Women of Faith 9/17/14 (Posted 9/21/14)

Someone responded to this post by saying that insecurity is something we’re made to feel by other people.  My response was this:

Insecurity IS an emotion, but emotions are liars.  They don’t tell us the truth about who we are in God and what we have as a result of relationship with Him.  We were created in the image of God and are His masterpiece and His poem.  When we don’t remember this, we dwell in the lies that we aren’t good enough.  We have the choice to let people make us feel insecure – because we are looking at human values and worth instead of God’s.

The discussion continued about emotions being important and never wrong.  My reply was this:

  • Emotions are very fickle and can be very deceptive – when we don’t allow them to be guided by the Creator of all things, God.  After the fall, we live in a corrupted world with broken emotions and decaying bodies.  Satan takes our God-given emotions and twists them from beautiful and worshipful into something that relies on human understanding and meaning only.  God wants to take all of our emotions and turn them back to Him and use them to reach out to this hurting, broken world.  He wants to us to see the bigger picture of life and that there is more than just us.  He also wants us to realize that we cannot be self-reliant or self-dependent – we were created with the purpose of being dependent upon Him.  Without a merciful God to turn our emotions back to a productive state, we become bitter, angry, unproductive, and unlikable.  We lash out and hurt people without remorse or care.
  • Here’s an example: My human emotions tell me to be extremely ticked off at you because it appears you are blatantly attacking my beliefs on Facebook.  You’ve taken a scientific stand on MY Facebook page, invading MY space with negativity and questioning MY integrity – and all in a public format instead of in private messaging.  My emotions rationalize that it’s my Facebook page and I can post what I want – if you don’t like it, then that’s OK … you can choose not to read it, you can block me, or you can unfriend me altogether.  And because I don’t agree with you, I should basically block you and kick you out of my life.  This is HUMAN reasoning and response to conflict.  God, however, says there is only one acceptable answer – LOVE.  If you disagree with me, I love you.  If you hurt me, I  love you.  If you make me mad, I love you.  It doesn’t matter what human emotions are stirred up, I am supposed to love you at all costs and to all extremes.  Loving you means I accept you for who you are and the season of life you are in, I forgive you when you hurt me (whether intentional or not), and do I everything in my power to be at peace with you.  It means I don’t hold grudges or stay mad at you; and I don’t harbor ill will toward you and throw it at you to intentionally hurt you.  I love you, so I let it go.  I give it to God, and in exchange we stay friends AND He gives me peace and joy in knowing that I can live above my human emotions.
  •  You mentioned free will.  Yes, we have it.  And yes, we use it – most often to turn our backs on the One who created us and loves us unconditionally.  We use our free will to tell Him “no, I don’t need You.  I can make this decision myself” or “no, I don’t want to submit to You.  I can get through life just fine on my own”.  It’s always OUR choice to turn TO or AWAY from God, and He always leaves the choice up to us.  He won’t ever force us or demand us to love Him or follow Him.  He loves us enough to leave the choice up to us.  The consequence of that, however, is that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices.  If we choose to turn our back on Him, He will still love us and pursue us and put people in our path to encourage us to turn (turn back) to Him.  He won’t give up on us until our last breath.  He’ll make sure there are people in our lives to pray for us and love us as we struggle against and resist Him.  But He will NEVER force us to love Him.  He will always leave the choice up to us.
  •  Where I stand in my life at this time and place is as a wholehearted believer in Him.  I believe in all these things I have talked about here as fact and reality and unquestionably true.  I am confident and fulfilled in my beliefs, and I believe they give me a great stability in my life.  I don’t expect anyone, including you, to take any of this as “propaganda” to convert you to a believer.  I personally believe that you can believe however you choose and in whoever/whatever you want.  That’s your choice and your comfort zone.  At no time am I going to badger you or pester you to change your mind.  How you choose to live and believe is your business, and you are the only one will have to answer for your choices.  I can respect that and give you the space – and the free will – to do it without judgment or condemnation.  I will, however, openly speak about my faith and my God.  He is my foundation, and I believe that life with Him is much better – even with all the trials and struggles – than life without Him could ever be.  I will post uplifting and encouraging things on my Facebook page that speak highly and mostly of Him, because He is a sure foundation and because I have many friends that are helped by them.

Originally posted to Facebook 09/14


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